Captain’s Corner_2023

The leadership of Kapsabet Boys’ High School is headed by the Chief Principal Mr. Kipchumba Maiyo (OGW, MBS), who has been here for thirteen years. He is assisted by three deputies:

  1. Mwaniki Ronald – Deputy Principal In charge of Administration
  2. Kogo David – Deputy Principal in charge of Academics
  3. Kemei James – Deputy Principal in charge of Boarding and Students’ Welfare

Sammy Kipchumba Maiyo; Chief Principal,2023

Mr. Ronald Mwaniki , Deputy Principal Administration 

Mr. Kogo David, Deputy Principal Academics

Mr. Kemei James, Deputy Principal Boarding and Student Welfare 

Also notable at the cradle of Kapsabet’s leadership are:

  1. Madam Melly – Senior Teacher
  2. Biwott Isaac – Director of Studies
  3. Tarus – HOD Quality and Standards

They are aided by a group of students chosen on merit, with Mr. Mwaniki Ronald as their patron.


The students’ council consists of 127 members whose aim is to steer the rest of the students in the right direction thus maintaining the peace and tranquillity of Kapsabet High School.

The school has maintained the ancient system of leadership in order to preserve its culture. The council is headed by 7 notable characters usually termed as ‘The Big Seven’.

The Big Seven consists of 7 School Captains:

  1. The Supreme School Captain.
  2. The Deputy School Captain in charge of Administration.
  3. The Deputy School Captain in charge of Academics.
  4. The Deputy School Captain in charge of Boarding.
  5. The Deputy School Captain in charge of Students’ Welfare.
  6. The Deputy School Captain in charge of Sanitation, Health and Environment.
  7. The Deputy School Captain in charge of Reception, Protocol and Community Service.

Under them are the Field and House Captains, Field Prefects, House Prefects and the Class Prefects.

Eddy Wisdom School Captain  2023

The prefects undergo a comprehensive training after assuming office that prepares them fully for the rigorous task ahead. The leadership of Kapsabet is under the system of guided democracy giving the students a chance to choose their leaders and also acts to prepare them for future practices. The system produces global leaders with the capability of steering the modern-day man to undoubtable success. Kapsabet High School is proud to have the best leadership system in the country which has birthed two out of the five presidents of Kenya.

The strong leadership of the school is also contributed to by the form four class who act as role models to the rest. The Form One induction programme also contributes a lot as it incorporates the newest lot into the system and accustoms them to the cultures of Kapsabet High School. This helps a student of Kapsabet High School stand out in the crowd and works to produce global students.