Tenders are invited from interested and eligible bidders for the supply and delivery of goods and provision of in the financial year  2024/2025;

    1.  kbhs 01.2024.2025 framework agreement for supply and delivery of maize
    2. kbhs 02.2024.2025 framework agreement for supply and delivery of beans
    3. kbhs 03.2024.2025 framework agreement for supply and delivery of rice
    4. kbhs 04.2024.2025 supply and delivery of electrical materials fitting
    5. kbhs 05.2024.2025 framework agreement for supply and delivery of hardware materials
    6. kbhs 06.2024.2025 Supply of games and sports equipment
    7. kbhs 07.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of medical drugs and non-pharmaceuticals
    8. kbhs 08.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of building materials
    9. kbhs 09.2024.2025 supply and delivery of processed food and food stuffs.
    10. kbhs 10.2024.2025 supply and delivery of cleaning materials
    11. kbhs 11.2024.2025 supply and delivery of a4a3 news prints and general office stationary.
    12. kbhs 12.2024.2025 supply and delivery of fresh vegetables
    13. kbhs 13.2024.2025 supply and delivery of fresh fruits
    14. kbhs 14.2024.2025 supply and delivery of milk
    15. kbhs 15.2024.2025 framework agreement for supply and delivery of computers and general computer accessories
    16. kbhs 16.2024.2025 supply of fuel and lubricants
    17. kbhs 17.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of student lockers chairs benches,double decker bed and staff chairs
    18. kbhs 18.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of printed exercise
    19. kbhs 19.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of lab chemicals and equipment
    20. kbhs 20.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of and delivery of non-teaching and support staff uniforms
    21. kbhs 21.2024.2025 supply and delivery of poultry and poultry products
    22. kbhs 22.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of students branded uniforms
    23. kbhs 23.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of plumbing materials and fittings
    24. kbhs 24.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of newspapers and periodicals
    25. kbhs 25.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of bakers flour
    26. kbhs 26.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of dry firewood
    27. kbhs 27.2024.2025 Provision of non-teaching and support staff insurance
    28. kbhs 28.2024.2025 Supply and delivery of farm inputs and agro-chemicals
    29. kbhs 29.2024.2025 Provision of motor vehicles insurance
    30. kbhs 30.2024.2025 Prequalification For Masonry, Carpentry, Painting And General Welding Works.
    31. kbhs 31.2024.2025 Provision of office machines and cctv repair and servicing
    32. kbhs 32.2024.2025 Pre-qualification for cleaning services
    33. kbhs 33.2024.2025 Pre-qualification for provision of lpg gas
    34. kbhs 34.2024.2025 Pre-qualification for provision of cattle for slaughter
    35. kbhs 35.2024.2025 prequalification for provision of repair and servicing of kitchen appliances
    36. kbhs 36.2024.2025 Provision Of Firefighting Equipment Servicing And Maintenenance
    37. kbhs 37.2024.2025 Prequalification for provision of repair and servicing of school motor vehicles
    38. kbhs 38.2024.2025 pre-qualification for hire of tents,chairs and decorations

Interested and eligible candidates may obtain a complete detailed bid document from the institution’s website https://kapsabethighschool.sc.ke/tenders/ . Dully filled tenders are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked tender number and be deposited in the tender box situated at the reception or be addressed to:

The Chief Principal/Secretary to the Board of Management 

Kapsabet Boys’ High School

P.O. Box 10-30300, Kapsabet 

So as to be received on or before  20TH June, 2024 at 10.00 am

Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all government taxes where applicable. Prices quoted should also be delivery in Kenya shilings and must reamin valid for 180 days from the date of opening of the tender. Tenders will be opened on the same day at 10.30 am at the main complex. Bidders or their representatives who wish to witness the opening are free to attend. The board of management does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid.