Welcome to the Legends’ Year_Upcoming Events

  1.  Trial 1 exams; 14th Wednesday 2023- 26th/June/2023_ Form Fours
  2. Zonal Term 2 Games; Friday 16th/June /2023
  3. Humanities Contest ; Saturday 8th July/2023
  4. Form 4 motivational Talk; 9/07/2023
  5. Spiritual Week of Emphasis; 10/7/2023 – 16/7/2023
  6. career fair ; 15/07/2023
  7. Technicals Workshop; 22/07/2022


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Legends’ Year_Upcoming Events”

  1. Forever grateful to God, powerful administrative system led by our able OGW, MBS, Chief Principal Kipchumba Maiyo, his three Deputies, the powerful prefecture body that led by example,various Departmental Heads and their subjects for putting their best foot forward and delivering the best! May our Living God reward each one of You in a special way!

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